Checking for prizes

When you win in PoolTogether V5, your prizes are automagically sent to your wallet, but you can still check to see if you've won on the Cabana app. First, go to the Account tab.

Next, hit the check for prizes button. The tension builds!! Did you win a prize? Did you win THE BIG PRIZE?!

If you've won, be sure to tell your friends how fun it is to save and win with PoolTogether (especially those who aren't into crypto!!).

If you didn't win, that's the beauty of PoolTogether... there's always another draw! Check back after the next draw to see if you've won.

Once you win a prize, what should you do with those POOL tokens?

Well first you should join the PoolTogether Discord, activate Collabland and join the Hodler's Hangout Channel!

You can also delegate to a wallet to vote in PoolTogether governance.

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