Promoting Your Vault

Ways to get the word out about your new vault

So youโ€™ve created a new prize vault? Congratulations, you Pooler you!

Once you've created a Vault you'll want to go out there and get some deposits!

Hereโ€™s how to get the word out:

First step: create a vault list that includes your prize vault and share it widely.

Then, alert the developer's channel on the PoolTogether Discord. The PoolTogether Community loves to celebrate those building with the protocol, and who knows, you might get some more deposits by chopping it up in the PoolTogether Discord.

Next, create an LP on Uniswap with at least $10K in token liquidity. Swapping into PoolTogether from a wallet app or browser extension is the best way to easies way to deposit into a prize vault, and liquidity on Uniswap will allow depositors to Swap, Save and Win!

As your Prize Vault grows in TVL, you can also do the following to promote your vault:

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