Common protocol questions, answered.

Where can I find more information about the protocol's design?

A detailed overview of the PoolTogether V5's design can be find here.

What are the protocol's contract addresses?

Optimism Prize Pool: 0xe32e5E1c5f0c80bD26Def2d0EA5008C107000d6A
Prize USDC.e: 0xE3B3a464ee575E8E25D2508918383b89c832f275
Prize WETH: 0x29Cb69D4780B53c1e5CD4D2B817142D2e9890715
Prize DAI: 0xCe8293f586091d48A0cE761bBf85D5bCAa1B8d2b
Click here for a more comprehensive list of all the deployed contract addresses.

What is ERC-4626?

ERC-4626 is a tokenized vault standard. Vaults are smart contracts that take in token deposits, use them for some underlying yield mechanism and provide receipt tokens to users so that they can redeem their share of the deposits and yield.
Standardizing vault implementations makes it easier for applications, plugins, and tools to integrate with vaults. Rather than building many custom adapters for each vault implementation, applications can easily build on top of any vault following the ERC-4626 standard. PoolTogether V5 does exactly that. PoolTogether V5 can utilize any ERC-4626 vault as the underlying yield source for a Prize Vault. This means any protocol which is ERC-4626 compatible can be integrated with PoolTogether, and thus any token which can be deposited into that yield source, can in turn be integrated with PoolTogether V5 as a deposit token.