Prize Yield

What is prize Yield and what does it represent?

What is Prize Yield?

Prize Yield is one of the main metrics with which the Cabana app displays each prize vault's capacity to make you win! The value takes into account the total value deposited in the vault, as well as the yield being generated through it. The "win chance" charts are a visual representation of these, showing the relative difference between different prize vault's prize yields.

What does it mean?

The higher a prize yield, the more likely it is for you to win prizes in such a vault. Prizes in PoolTogether are randomly distributed, so while there is no way to display a 100% accurate stat on what your percentage gain would be after a year, prize yield can give you an estimate of what it'd look like on a long enough timeframe.

How is it calculated?

The amount of WETH contributed by a prize vault to the prize pool is what determines its odds. Prize yield uses this value over a period of time to make a prediction as to the future odds of any prize vault.

Prize yield also takes into account the vault's Total Value Locked (TVL), since the odds of winning are diluted between all depositors in a prize vault.

The exact equation used to calculate prize yield as it is currently displayed on the app is as follows:

PrizeΒ Yield=VaultContributionsNβ€…β€Šβˆ—β€…β€ŠNumYearlyDrawsNβ€…β€Šβˆ—β€…β€ŠPrizeTokenPriceTotalSupplyTwabNβ€…β€Šβˆ—β€…β€ŠShareTokenPriceβ€…β€Šβˆ—β€…β€Š100\text{Prize Yield} = \frac{VaultContributions_N \; * \; \frac{NumYearlyDraws}{N} \; * \; PrizeTokenPrice}{TotalSupplyTwab_N \; * \; ShareTokenPrice} \; * \; 100

"Vault Contributions" and "Total Supply Twab" should be over the same "N" number of draws.

On the Cabana app, "N" is currently set to 7.

The implementation of the prize yield calculation can be found here.

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