Vault Lists

What are vault lists and how can they be used?

What is a vault list?

A PoolTogether vault list is a small JSON file that can be used to easily share or import PoolTogether prize vaults into any interface. The list extends the Uniswap token list standard, allowing it to be fully functional with any apps that already use the standard.

Using Vault Lists in the Cabana App

You can manage which vault lists are enabled in the Cabana app by selecting "Manage Vault Lists" in the app settings (top right).

Simply paste in the link to your desired vault list, click on "Add Vault List" and you're good to go! This can be a simple URL, an ENS domain, IPFS or IPNS link.

In this section you can also enable or disable any vault lists you have previously imported.

Sharing Lists

Sharing a list with others is as easy as sending them its link for them to use. Alternatively, you can send them a link to the Cabana app with your vault list attached as follows:<your_list_link_here>

Don't have a vault list yet? Create one easily with our handy Cabana Lists tool.

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