The Basics

PoolTogether is the prize-linked savings protocol that allows users to save money and win prizes.

PoolTogether is a prize-linked savings protocol where users win by saving.

  1. Deposit any ERC-20 token into a prize vault for a chance to win

  2. Participate in daily prize draws automatically

  3. Withdraw your full deposit any time - even if you don't win!

A deposit of any amount gives you a chance to win prizes. The more you save, the higher your odds!

PoolTogether is one of the first and most widely used DeFi (Decentralized Finance) applications and has been live for over five years. Since its inception, the protocol distributed over $4.5 million in prizes to depositors. The luckiest winner so far deposited $74 and won over $40,000.

How does it work?

Prizes are comprised of the interest that accrues on all deposited funds:

🏦 Users deposit into the network

📈 Yield accrues on all deposits

🏆 The yield is randomly awarded as prizes to the users

PoolTogether is...

The PoolTogether protocol is powered by blockchain technology. It's:

Provably fair

Prize draws at PoolTogether are transparent: anyone can verify who won, when, and why. No entity determines to whom prizes are distributed to.

Globally accessible

The protocol empowers everyone to save. It offers a level playing field where every user enjoys the same conditions.

Fully non-custodial

No one but you has access to your deposited funds. PoolTogether is non-custodial, meaning users can withdraw their deposits in full at any time.

Open-source & secure

The protocol is made up of computer software: smart contracts living on the blockchain. The code is open-source for anyone to verify and validate. On top of that, PoolTogether undergoes regular audits.


The PoolTogether token and treasury is user-owned and user-driven. Control over these rest in the hands of the community holding the POOL token. Find out more in our governance forum.


Anyone can create a new prize vault and/or participate in any of the incentivized actions that keep the prizes rolling out. There are no gatekeepers to the protocol.

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