Cabana Factory

Learn about the tool for creating new PoolTogether prize vaults.

PoolTogether V5 is completely permissionless; anyone can use the protocol to setup prize vaults for any token and yield source they desire! The Cabana Factory interface is a tool to help people do just that, by using the ERC-4626 vault standard.

This tool, while not all-encompassing, aims to make the process of launching new prize vaults as easy as possible. In order to launch a new prize vault using the Cabana Factory interface, you need the following:

  • A wallet to deploy contracts through, with some funds to pay for gas fees

  • An ERC-4626 compatible yield source

  • A very small amount of your vault's underlying asset

...and that's it.

Keep in mind not all ERC-4626 contracts behave exactly the same. Due diligence is required to make sure a vault would work as intended. Auditing and deploying to a testnet first is recommended!

The Cabana Factory interface will walk you through the process of deploying a prize vault and its auxiliary contracts, as well as manage any previously deployed contracts.

The following guides can be helpful for additional context:

Full Cabana Factory WalkthroughDeploying a Prize VaultDeploying a Liquidation Pair

Stuck on any particular step? Reach out to the PoolTogether community on Discord where many poolers will be happy to help.

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