Cabana Lists

Learn about the tool for creating, editing and sharing PoolTogether prize vaults.

The Cabana Lists interface is a tool for anyone to curate a list of their favorite PoolTogether prize vaults. Creating a new list or editing an existing vault list can be done through a few clicks.

Learn more about the vault list standard and how they are used in the Cabana App here.

Creating or editing a vault list is as simple as entering some simple information about the prize vaults you want to highlight (such as the blockchain network they are in, and their address) and giving your list a name!

Adding additional info such as a vault list logo and/or keywords can be helpful for other users or interfaces using your list, but remain completely optional.

The following guides can be helpful to get you started:

pageFull Cabana Lists WalkthroughpageCreating a Vault ListpageEditing a Vault ListpageHosting a Vault List

Stuck on any particular step? Reach out to the PoolTogether community on Discord where many poolers will be happy to help.

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