Deploying a Prize Vault

Here are the steps you need to take to configure and deploy a prize vault:

Find the address of the vault you want to deposit into (If you need ideas, the ERC-4626 Alliance keeps a large list of vaults:

Go to connect your wallet and click on "Deploy a Prize Vault"

Select the chain your yield source is on and click next.

Enter the "Yield Source Name" and paste the ERC-4626 vault address into the "Yield Source Address" field and click next.

If you want a standard prize vault owned by the connected wallet, with no fee, just click next. However, you can optionally override these settings and achieve interesting results: For example you could have a 100% fee on a vault and set the fee recipient to be a multisig. Users could deposit into the vault but there would be no prizes, instead yield would be redirected to the multisig which in turn could decide what to do with the funds.

Once fee settings are determined, you'll set the name and symbol. The app will automatically assign a name and symbol to your token, based on our recommended token branding guidelines.

We believe there is value in naming consistency, as it help users recognize PoolTogether prize tokens when they see them on their favorite DEX, and understand what risk they are exposing themselves to. The recommended naming structure is:

Prize [deposit token symbol] - [yield source name] So in our example it becomes Prize USDC.e - Aave

The recommended symbol structure is:

p[deposit token symbol]

So in our example pUSDC.e If for some reason you want to change this default naming just click on "override" and enter the name/symbol you want to use, then click next.

Each prize vault requires a claimer contract. Cabana Factory automatically assigns a default claimer, which will be sufficient for 99% of users. If you are happy with the default claimer, click next.

In the last step, all your configurations are gathered into a preview. Review the settings, and if everything looks good, click Deploy Vault. This will trigger a transaction in your wallet.

Once the vault deployment transaction has confirmed, Cabana Factory will lead you to configure and deploy your liquidation pairs

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