Depositing into a prize vault

With PoolTogether V5, you can deposit any ERC-20 token into a corresponding ERC-4626 Vault. To deposit into PoolTogether, you'll need to choose a vault and click the deposit button.

If you have tokens in your wallet, you can choose the amount to deposit into the vault. Indicate the amount you want to deposit and click the Approve Deposit button and confirm the action in your wallet. This transaction allows the V5 smart contract to move the exact deposit amount from your wallet and deposit into the vault.

Once the approval transaction is confirmed you can then deposit your tokens into the vault. Click the Deposit button to deposit your tokens, and approve the transaction in your wallet.

Now that you've deposited, you're now eligible to win Prizes! You can check your balance on the account screen, and you can increase your chances to win every time you deposit more tokens.

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