V5 Changes

What are the differences between PoolTogether V4 and V5?

Yield Sources


Protocol was constrained to one yield source (Aave).

Any yield source can be used to create a prize vault. There are templates ready for most ERC-4626 yield sources or wrappers.



Due to the constraints on yield sources, only USDC was supported.

Any ERC-20 token can be plugged into the protocol.



Required depositing through an interface.

Deposit through an interface, or just swap for prize tokens through your favorite wallet or exchange.

When sending deposits between wallets, an extra self-delegation transaction was necessary.

Deposits are always self-delegated by default unless set otherwise by the user.

Prize Distribution


Prize distributions (number and size of prizes) were determined through governance.

Prize distributions are autonomous based on market conditions.

Independent draws delivered static prize amounts with specified odds.

The protocol self-adjusts to deliver yearly prizes, daily prizes, and everything in between.

Prize Claiming


Users needed to manually check if they won and claim their prizes in a time-sensitive manner.

Prizes are automagically sent to your wallet.

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