PoolTogether v5 uses incentives to automate the following: A) liquidating yield to be used as prizes, B) the claiming of prizes, and C) generating random numbers for draws.

Earning Incentives

Anyone can run bots to earn these incentives. At Generation Software we've tried to make it as simple as possible to run these bots on GitHub Actions. What you will need: 1. Your own GitHub account 2. The private key of an account you want to use as your transaction relayer 3. A JSON RPC URI from a provider such as Alchemy, Infura, etc. 4. Optional: A Covalent API key

Once you have those, head on over to one of the bot repositories on GitHub and fork (deploy) your own copy of the bot:

1. Liquidator bot 2. Prize Claimer bot 3. Draw Auction bot

Deploying a bot:

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PoolTogether accrues yield on prize vaults which can then be given away to depositors as prizes. The Liquidator bots can earn by finding profitable trades and swapping WETH for the yield tokens (DAI, USDC, LUSD, etc.). Profitable yield opprtunities happen numerous times each day.

Prize Claiming:

Many prizes are claimed automatically each day on behalf of depositors by incentivized bots. Prize Claiming bots will earn rewards (in WETH, accrued in the Prize Pool contract) for each prize claimed.

Draw Auctions:

Once per day a random number is required to choose who the winners are. Draw Auction bots are rewarded (rewards accrue as WETH on the Prize Pool contract) for getting the random number and completing the daily draw.


Please reach out to the PoolTogether community on Discord with any questions or help required with running PoolTogether bots.

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