Hosting a Vault List

PoolTogether Vault Lists follow the Uniswap's Token List Standard. See how to create a list using the Cabana Lists app.

Once your list is ready, you can easily share it through many means. Any app that works with the same Uniswap standard will be able to read it! One of these, of course, is the Cabana App.

The following are some recommended ways to share your list:


This will allow you to share your vault list through your ENS domain.

  1. Pin your vault list JSON to IPFS and copy the resulting IPFS hash.

If you have the handy IPFS Companion installed, this is as easy as saving your vault list as a JSON file and dragging and dropping it into the extension. If not, try using the Desktop App. If you have your own IPFS node elsewhere, feel free to use that instead!

  1. Add the IPFS hash to a "vaultList" record on your ENS domain.

Head to your domain on the ENS App, select "Records", "Edit Records" and "Add Record". The name of the record should be "vaultList", and its value should be the IPFS hash you've gotten from the previous step. Don't forget to save!


Alternatively, host your vault list through your own website.

  1. Add a new route to your site.

This step will depend on what web framework your site is built on - check out how it's done on NextJS or SvelteKit.

  1. Return the vault list's JSON through your route.

This will also somewhat depend on your web framework of choice, but essentially just means sending a response of pure JSON, without any HTML!

Remember to set proper CORS headers to allow others to query your vault list. Here's an example of one way to set headers on NextJS.

If you're hosting a vault list through any of these means, feel free to share it with others! By entering your list ENS domain or URL on the Cabana App, anyone can quickly see what vaults you recommend or are interested in sharing.

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