Cabana Swaps

Learn about the swapping interface enabling quick swaps for prize tokens through your favorite DEXs.
The Cabana Swaps interface is an alternative PoolTogether V5 interface designed to be as simple as possible, while highlighting the possibility to simply swap into your preferred prize tokens instead of depositing through any other interface.
Swapping for prize tokens can be done through a wide variety of apps, or even through your wallet of choice. This interface is meant to act as a simple discoverability layer to those options.

This ever-expanding list of options to choose from include the following kinds of interfaces:
...and more to come!
Swapping for prize tokens is extremely convenient, especially when some interfaces even allow for swapping across different blockchains!
However, keep in mind that for particularly large amounts, it may be significantly cheaper to deposit yourself through an interface like the main Cabana App.