Managing vault lists

Vault lists are a new addition to PoolTogether. In V5, and ERC-4626 Vault can be turned into a PoolTogether Prize Vault, and any user can create a list of these prize vaults and refer to them in the Cabana Interface.
To create a vault list, you'll need to refer to Cabana Lists.
To add a custom vault list, go to the vaults screen and click Manage Vault List.
You can paste in an ENS address or IPFS link to activate a new vault list
and don't forget to turn off the default list if you only want your custom vault list to show.
Now that your custom vault list is active, you can filter by network, stablecoin, and tokens in your connected wallet on the vault screen.
You can also share your vault list with others to give them that PoolTogether Alpha!